Warranty, Materials and Care



We stand behind the quality of our product…our guarantee is that you will receive the jewelry free of material and manufacturing defects

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, please e-mail info@phoenixdistribution.ca with “warranty” in the subject line and a detailed description of the issue and a photo if possible. You will be issued a return authorization number and a shipping label. Upon receipt of the defective piece a replacement will be sent out at our cost.



All Roar jewelry is handcrafted in industry leading 14-18k generously plated brass. Nicol free, and hypoallergenic.

We know you’ll love your ROAR jewelry and won’t ever want to take it off but we recommend removing when doing any of the following activities excessively:

-Showering and bathing. Soap and jewelry are not meant to be.

-Exercising. We know you like to get your sweat on, but salt and sweat affects your plating! A night of dancing won’t do any harm, but the hot yoga 4 times a week on the other hand will do a real number on your favorite pieces!

-The three deadly sins for your jewelry are perfumes, lotions, and oils. Please remove when directly applying.

-Swimming (chlorine and saline can have a negative effect on plating over time)

-Cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Avoiding all of the above will guarantee your ROAR pieces to be gleaming for years to come.



ROAR pieces are built to withstand the rigors of everyday life. That being said,  they are still made from precious metals, you can’t go wrong with some good ol TLC!

Use a lint free 100% cotton cloth to give the piece a gentle wipe to lightly polish your favorite gold and rose gold pieces. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals as it will damage the plating.